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Translations of Kanon Wakeshima's "Still Doll"
and "Kuroi Torikago" up

(Chocolat up soon too)

I had an epiphany while translating these songs, if for no reason other than that Mana wrote them.

I suck at Mana's flash games. However, it is not my fault because...

they are not logical. If they were, I would do fine. For example:
If you were Hayato and someone were sliding noodles at you, would you be like,
"Imma stand under this shoot and catch these noodles and it will be yummy!"
and run away before they fell out your head and gave you noddle burns?
I thought so. Similarly, if K has alcohol, is K going to be walking in a straight line? No. No he is not.

However, since it makes perfect sense to push Seth into the middle of a lake on a wheely thing, I am very good at that one.


Translation of something Hora wrote that might conceptually be considered an update


Dada wa Tsurai 6 Interview Up!

So. I've been feeling kinda guilty....I said something that could be taken the wrong way...

I also almost saw a movie today, "Robo Vampire" (thank you Hanachan XD)
It had everything I look for in a movie; it was 70's, tacky, and B-grade buuuuut....
....the Vampires took too long to hop over to their victims since they had to keep their arms stretched out in front of them the whole time.
And none of the actors were remotely cute. And the gore was whipped jell-o.

So I got bored and translated instead. Hense the update.


Hi. So is everyone done with the gay straight bi man women discrimination crap now?

Yes? K. Thanx.
The SS/Kaya/Hora sites are back up.

It would have been nice if I could say "yes, I spent the last 2 days or so making the sites look great"...
but really, I just got fed up.


Hora Update Translations

Happy White Day all~!

I actually got chocolate today because I went to the grocery store to pick up some conditioner
and they were giving random peices of chocolate out.
So I took it and put it in my pocket....that was an ooops.

Oh, but on the way home, I saw this thing.
And I was trying to figure out if it was a hearse, or a fugly mistake or something...
but apparently it's just a Stretch Hummer. Which may still be a fugly mistake.

But the inside is coolest beanz.


Hora Update Translations

Which was done more than a week ago (>_<)
The Malice Mizer part of the site is now also...site-like.
Like, people've always found the need to leave anonymous notes on my guestbook telling me how fugly it is...
and I've always kinda went, "...well...yeah...of course it's fugly."
But I finally decided to do something about it.

So please check it out once you get the chance.

I didn't put too much into it, but I did put enough to make it presentable perhaps.
It's a very "me" layout...for various reasons, of course (^_^)
Even the part where I got bored and didn't do some of it yet.


Hora Update Translations

Which WAS done a week ago and up on the site! It was. I just didn't feel like updating the updates section.
I mean, think about it. I don't even know these people XD
So I've been thinking, "Why am I doing this again?" and all that other good stuff, and avoiding the work.

In other news, the topic of doubutsu-uranai came up (supposedly I'm an orange tiger).
http://world.doubutsu-uranai.com/...I'm nothing like an orange tiger,
so I went through all 60 different animal/color combinations with people and came up with those that suit me best.

They were:

Silver Fawn
Gold Pegasus
Green Pegasus

Really different, huh XD You should do it too.



Happy New Years! (late...)

Hora Update Translations

I gave myself drag make-up. It was modelled after "bird of paradise with Botox lips".
*lol* I normally look like this or this and sometimes this though (which isn't lolita; sorry).
I'm only bringing this up because some people seem to think I'm 100% lolita or Hot Topic goth and all that and...hm nah.
I'm sorry ;_;

Also, it appears this is the place that Kaya wrote [Silvery Dark] about Ryuuguu no Iso.
But all the pictures of it are so glooomy, so I decided to edit it a bit *lol*
It looks better this way anyhow...


Hora Update Translation

I almost hit a deer today.
It jumped the highway separator and ran across the highway....
I had to stop and my purse fell off the seat and everything fell out of it.

Now, if you were an animal, do you think you would run in front of the big, fast, noisy, smelly thing charging by you?
Well I wouldn't. That would be like Jamie Lee Curtis running in front of Mike Myers and being like OOOOH KILL ME!
That must have been a stupid deer.

PS. [The Boondocks] is an awesome show. Highly recommended.


Carmilla translation up

My friend pointed out that what I do with Kaya's songs is unusual, that most people don't create backgrounds to go with the lyrics.
He also said that they seem to be getting more and more detailed and I appear to be putting more effort into the site and...

Actually, I'm just getting better at what I do *lol*
So it takes less time and looks better. Tis all~

In other news, I have decided to spend the rest of my life attempting to look aneorexic and sickly.
I used to have a 15.9 bmi and I liked that so I'm thinking hopefully I can reach that point again.
Hey, it's a goal (laughs).


Hora Update (again, it was on scape!)

I really want a pet. A cat maybe, or perhaps a Pomeranian. Like this on.


Or some crickets.

But not people because people annoy me.



Hora Update~(zomg zomg sorry it took so long!!!! ;__;;;;; It was on scape though....)
I haven't forgotten about Hyakki Yagyou either. Forgive me.

Last week when I passed by the pet shop in the mall there were 3 cats, two calicos and 1 skinny hyper black one.
But I can't get a cat until I have my own place so I kept going...besides, animal shelter cats are more needy.
Then this week when I passed by again only the black one was left in the window napping ;_;
It looked exactly like Kuro (Here's the vid) and it seemed kind of lonely without anyone else left to play with and...I dunno.
It made me feel aweful. So I knelt down next to it and pretended to neko punch it twice through the glass.
It lay there for a few moments staring at me....and then NEKO PUNCHED ME BACK!!!
ZOMG I want that kitten ;_;,,,,, Maybe I could teach it to do high-fives!
(I know you're not supposed to teach your cats tricks but I don't care)

I hope it finds a good home *damn. Now I'm gonna be all worried about it*
I also hope "Neko Punch" isn't a boyslove doujinshi >_<

... I have this beyond normal attraction to Kurochan but *lol* shh. If he weren't a cat...


Translation of Hora's new diary entry

I'm sorry this took so long to put up.
I'm over what was bothering me now (^_^)y

I'll get Kaya's song commentary up in a short while too.


Translation of Hora's new diary entry (which, again, I had done a while ago and didn't update this page >_<)

So I was thinking for a bit, about what I would be like if I were a guy, and I realized...
I wouldn't be. And by that I mean that I wouldn't exist.
I think that a lot of what makes me ME, unique, is tied into my femininity.
So something tells me that as a guy I would be really into computers,
mechanics, punk music, swimming, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.
I'd not even bother with Japan or vis kei or anything like that, and this web site wouldn't be here >_<

I'm wondering if it wouldn't, in the end, have been a better thing
(even though I love being a girl. The idea of being a guy gives me the chills) *laughs*


Translations, explainations of Kaya's "Hyakki Yagyou" REAL LINK

Also, my deepest apologies, but due to stress I completely left out the middle of Kasha in the original translation.
"Stress" meaning someone sniping at me and forcing me to rush my translations in order to rectify their mistakes....
It is fixed now though.

And an apology to anyone whos questions I've not answered! I will! I promise!
I DO plan on doing more with this site too, but I've been looking for a job I like for the past year now and haven't had the time.
Okay, okay, so I'm not settling for anything under $45,000 a year with full benefits and tuition reembursement, and that's why XD
I'm getting closer to finding that though. Just a while more....


Translations, explainations of Kaya's "Hyakki Yagyou"

I dyed my hair a little while ago, and I think I messed up and dyed my natural color XD
Everyone says it looks good at any rate so whatever I guess.

I would have liked to have this up a week ago, but for various reasons that wasn't possible...


New Hora blog entry ...

Is that the only time I update now? XD....I need to make a generic spreadsheet for the background page....yeah.
And don't mind my weird commentary, ne?
I figure if he can watch random dramas on marriage legalities
I can research random marriage legalities and it's not weird at all.


New Hora blog entry again~

Speaking of learning things, after last week's work convo everyone's telling me I need to learn a certain skill too...*lol*
I agree. But it's not that easy ;_;


New Hora blog entry~

This month's been kinda weird, definitely. Not only have I been having the trippiest dreams imaginable, not only is mom in the hospital because some kid hit her with his car, but a little while ago
a kinda friend I'd had a fall-out with emailed me out of the blue to ask if I was okay and to tell me to "ganbatte" (laughs - I dunno WHY he decided to tell me that, now, but eh.)
I realize that I was completely not-angry with him anymore.
So I was all like, "dude, hi ^^ Email me if you ever wanna talk"....and he didn't XD
Well, whatever. But it's always kinda nice to hear from old acquaintances I suppose.


Wow dudes! UBER Hora news

And a really non updatey update.

I'm sorry it took so long for me to update, but the chemicals in my head needed time to normalize.
Really >_<
I'll be going through the site and taking down some stuff, but don't worry; you won't notice it.


Interview, pictures, links to the Soft Ballet blurb page

Yesterday I did something stupid. I charged my cel phone.
And now, I can't figure out why, but now people keep calling me
so I think I'll have to not do this too often.


Translation for Moi Dix Moi's "metaphysical"

I also found out from my friend a few days ago that you can block people on mixi because apparently someone blocked her.
I now have this sudden urge to go to his mixi and see if he'll block me too...
I dunno. I just sounds kinda fun *lol*


Translated Hora's Blog
It was his birthday on the 10th. I want to write more but I think I am about to fall asleep.
Oh, and I made this. It doesn't have to do with Hora, but then somehow it did.


New Moi Dix Mois lyrics: Xanadu and Exclude
I don't agree with the ideology in Exclude.
There are some parts that I do, but the main point is nnno. So I wrote about it.

I've been wondering if men have real emotions recently XD Horrible huh?
This has nothing to do with Mana though, because he's just Mana.
I dunno. For me he just "is", and anything he does or doesn't do is simply "what he does".
It all balances out.


Ryouran's done...well, it's been done for a while and I forgot to update the update page.
The wording on this CD is...hmmm...complex? Aesthetic...

Today I went and got underwear at~~~TJ Maxx! I know, WoOt huh. You can all be aroused at this time.
I think Americans have large rears in general because none of it fits quite right though.


Hora Updated!
And...I updated the Velvet Eden biography and observances sections.

And I'll stiiillll get Ryouran up when I have time. It's just that my dad returned from England last week
after having been away for three months, and so I've been hanging out with him.

And then my brother's been blowing his kazoo and sticking aliens in my face,
and that required special tactics and martial arts that took up much time as well.

Plus I work about 75 hours a week.


Kaya's Ouka Ryouran translation (it was actually done last weekend but...)

I'll get Hora's new entry and Ryouran up too once I have time ^^ I apologize.
Thanks go to those who helped me with the background, and no thanks to those who took it as a joke.

These days it's been raining a lot lately and the river outside's flooded...of course I love it though~
There's nothing nicer than listening to the sound of the rain.
Besides, it's best if I take a rest and just stay to myself and listen to the rain for a while.
It's now mid-April, and for the last 4 years every April I've gotten fed up with someone,
started cutting off all commections with them, and within a half a year abandoned them >_<
Usually the people who really know me know better than to get me annoyed during April/May...
Hm. I wonder if I'll ever make up with anyone again (laughs)


New Moi Dix Mois album translations

Happy Easter! I spent it watching Uzumaki. I looooove those kinds of movies....
But then I scare myself and so I can't watch them and that is why I need a significant other.
If there was someone I could make stay with me afterwards then I might be able
to brave the terrors of Juon and stuff like that. Maybe. And then I can see Silent Hill again.
I know it makes no sense to want to see them if all they do is traumatize me but horror movies are all so pretty!
(Uzumaki's beautiful too~)

Still, as it is, I get scared when the angry goat comes and tries to take Paradise Estate from the My Little Ponies.
So I can't watch them yet.


Hora Update (even though we don't have his CD's yet)
Interview too!!!

So I was all OTZed out because I couldn't read the script on Ryouichi's "Talk" section of his page
(for some reason Japanese font often gets scrambled when they use flash and the computer's not automatically set to display in Japanese)
BUT THEN!!! I realized I can just post the scrambled text in my own web page, set it to display western font, upload it, and the go to "view" -> "Japanese" in the browser menu.
It changes the text for me and now I can read it! And after I went through all of that,
his last entry went something like "Thank you for coming to my show".....

Endo-san! Onegai desu kara!! Motto omoshiroi no o kaite kudasai----i!!!!!!

May my humble prayers fly through the bariers of space and language and reach him somehow.


Velvet Eden Gallery Update~!!!

It took a while, huh?
Well, other than that, it appears Murasaki is not actually a band member,
and was just some person who hung out with everyone. I apologize for the misinformation.
And buy Hora's CD please. (That's not him in the Maze PV....)

I hope Kaya gets his diary back up soon if he's really trying to.
If not I should probably at least offer to let him use my translations.
I know he won't, but tis what's right and proper after all. AND...

I present to you a flash game PuchiKa gave to me
and I did all night yesterday instead of my laundry.
I have no clean socks ;_;


Hora updated~~~~! And I talked about homeys~~~

...okay, so I talked about some Spanish guy, not homeys.
But he's a really cool Spanish guy.
I also lied about my socializing day, since I was busy again.
But I WILL have one soon. I will. Am I being unfair.....?


Life's been busy (>_<) As you know I finally decided to actually um...interract...
with people on lj and mixi and with that and job searching I dunno.
I had to designate days! So Saturday is job and Squee about Giroro and Natsumi Day
(although I'm usually not big on anime, esp anime relationships) and tomorrow is social day...

And speaking of days, today is Girl's Day in Japan ^^ (5/5 is boy's day)
So happy Day to all the girls out there! I really am too busy to update my site now
though I would have liked to translate a few more Mimori Yusa songs.
I'm so glad someone else likes her!


First off, I made the Hora page pretty. And then...

I updated my info page with contact info and my old comic and the like
It has my LJ and mixi info (though the mixi's in Japanese).
I kept getting my participant ID wrong and linking to other people's,
but I think it's okay now....still in Japanese though.

Other than that I tried dying my hair strawberry blonde and it turned out really red.
Everyone says it looks natural. But then they always say everything I do looks natural,
even that time when my hair was blue/grey and I had all these tenticles growing out of my ears and they destroyed Tokyo...alien posession (sigh).
But I'm cool now. Sort of.

Hm, back to topic.
Of course it's perfectly fine if you just want to read this site and leave it at that,
but if you ever feel like dropping in on my lj or friending me I think I'd be honored.
Just read my profile first; I might not be quite whom you were expecting.
If that's alright................for some reason I can't contact anyone initially.
That doesn't mean I don't want to know about the people who read this site ^^
(also I'm really busy these days so email/msn are kind of hard for me.
Job hunting, studying, emoing over my current situation regarding...I still don't know exactly...etc)

No update today, just a happy Valentine's Day.
I know people are always like, "I don't have anyone! Valentine's Day sucks!"
But....why? Think about it. It's just a day. I've got nobody, but that just means
I got to make miso soup, hang with my family, and watch Corpse Bride and not cry this time ^^ (To answer your question about the bandman, no. He didn't give her anything until she started sobbing. They're still together, and I bet he doesn't do anything for White Day either.)

Oh, and by the way, I'm going to put up my info, livejournal and mixi and stuff.
I'm a little weird, but if anyone wants to friend me, just let me know. I've no myspace.
*lol* that's like, nobody, huh.

Just an entry on reality....
I've been thinking a lot about all sorts of things recently.
I've also been reading my guestbook and thinking about what it would be like
if there really were clones of me all over, kind of like that funky sheep.
But they wouldn't all be me, they'd be ZOMBIE SHEEP me, and they would eat brains and do parapara.

Oh, also, Hora's last entry made me remember this song. Cute, no?
It's from Jisatsu Circle (suiside club) with Rolly Teranishi ^^
Mail Me - Haruko Momoi (and Dessart)
It's not Velvet Eden, but...speaking of Velvet Eden,
this is the song "Tsuppari Visual Rock & Roll" came from.
Soft Ballet are a bit like VE sometimes too; if you're interested, there are some UBERCOOL videos on youtube.

Hora update - NEW CD
I'm tired I think. Those song lyrics..."genjitsu yori aishiteru"...are a little interesting.
They make me think about more things when all I want to do is not think.
I wish I were a blob.

Hizaki Grace Project - Everlasting Dream
Juka and Hizaki wrote the lyrics. Juka was in M10M, and I have some M10M stuff up here,
so this is also here now. Plus I like Hizaki's lyrics well enough.

Oh! I also found the cutest Minna no Uta~
It has nothing to do with anything (laughs)
Kenka no ato wa
But speaking of arguements, my mom called and we talked, and now I'm at her place again ^^
I guess that's all it takes sometimes.

A bunch of tips on cross dressing
I don't know if I'm the best person to ask about cross dressing....*laughs*
Well, I put something together. Not many people do it, but it's fun~

Sigh. My mom stopped seeing reality again so I decided I can't stay with her anymore and left.
Now I'm back home and lonely, but I just can't deal with that anymore...
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have someone you know will be there for you when you're upset (laughs).
Like, not so you can be all "ANGST!" in their face, just someone who'll hold you for a while
instead of getting angry at you for being sad about something.
Probably warm like my Abercrombie jammies (I got more~!)

Translation of Mimori Yusa's "Mori to Sakana"
Somehow I came to really want to translate this today (laughs)
It seems that a wiki has been created from my Mimori site. How curious it be.
But I find it even moreso that my Soft Ballet mini-site is #1 in google for "Soft Ballet". Are they really that unpopular? (-_-)
I mean, isn't there anything better? Like, something that NAMES THE MEMBERS?!
...ah, not that I mind being #1 but....

Oh, and my friend found an awesome cartoon.
It's like watching people's heads in some random guy's blog.
But it looks like it's just Nickelodeon. I run like that.

Hora Updated!
He spent New Years being a drunken gamer~! I did a new layout to celebrate.
But it's peculiar, how winter won't come this year.
I keep waiting for the snow, yet there's nothing but rain rain rain....perhaps it's time for another diary entry.

I also translated Kaya's explaination of the songs for Glitter
I was going to erase what I had written and replace it with this,
but ultimately I decided against it, as everything I say is neither particularly relevant nor deleterious (laughs)
So the explaination has been included in its entirety on the main Glitter page.

I translated "Glitter" (Kaya's solo CD)
Well...not all of it, just that which hasn't been done before. As I explained once, somewhere (laughs),
I won't copy other people's traslations to my site, and I won't translate anything that's already been translated.
Hime said she'll be trying to get her site back up though, and she'll have the official ones I imagine ^_^

Something weird happened a little while ago. Someone tried to understand me...and did kind of.
That's never really happened before (laughs) It was very surprising.
I just wish I knew why they did that....
I kind of live under the assumption that no one will ever even bother trying to understand me,
and so when someone does, I have no clue what to think or to do about it (>_O)

AND!!!! I believe the voice actor for Tetsuko in Milkchan (American release)
was the warthog on "My gym partner's a Monkey"...I'm not watching it though. Really.

New Years diary entry/poem on bandmen and the ocean and frozen gineau pigs and lo....e......rve!
A lot has happened to me this year, and I've learned from it.
For example, I was made to feel emotions. I don't think I've ever been so upset with someone in my life....(laughs)
But I suppose it's all for the best, so I've been studying myself and the way I think, and decided I'm crazy.
I wrote a diary entry and (structureless) poem about it.

short but nice Hora update
I realized that this girl I met in Japan, Lyse, was kind of copying Siousxie's style in Happy House.
All the guys in the world who weren't gay (all...2?...of them excluding my Daddy) were into her, and it was funny.
I wasn't though (: F)

It seems I actually conveyed my mindframe in my last update (laughs)....
I'm fine, really. It's just that some troll posted a link to a bandman's personal page on a messageboard,
and though I didn't mean to, I wasn't thinking and clicked on it. Complication ensued
(for only me XD I'm quite sure he didn't care. And it's not like I hadn't known about it since last May anyway)

But that's not what I want to say.
What I want to say is Merry Christmas!
I went to the mall and bought myself abercrombie pajamas, seeing as last year my dad got me about $100 worth
of Nightmare Before Christmas paraphenalia which I had to hide in my car so he wouldn't notice I wasn't using it.
I thus deemed it best to get my own gifts this year (Hanachan says they look like his old couch (>_<))
Oh not that I don't love Nightmare!! In fact, some day I will dress up as Jack for Halloween.
It's just that I already had a perfectly fine lightswitch cover....gloves...umbrella.....action figures....
... ... ...I bet my uber-tight tank top isn't couchy....mumble....

Well, to continue on, I won't be updating today because I worked 10 hours so I could pay for me....
LIGHT UP SNEAKERS (they really flash!!!!)
...but I will give you a link to one of my favorite Christmas songs instead.
Moya Brennan (Clannad) - Joy to the World
I love her voice. In fact, I like the feel of Irish music in general.
Mimori Yusa once said that it's structurally similar to Japanese music, but for me it's just shimmering.
And it reminds me of Shinjuku....(;_;)
In terms of the vocals, Enya's a little better though, I think~ I really should research more I suppose.

As before, thank you for visiting my site, and if you do not like Christmas, Merry Undeath Day to you.
(I've taken the liberty of assuming that if you're reading this you're not dead)
I don't know why I feel I should say this, or who I'm directing it to even, but...
everything'll work out for you.
That's all really...

It takes a lot to get me mad usually, but I think I am right now.
What happened to respect for other people's privacy?!
...and for mine.....even though they wouldn't know or care about that....
Japanese vis kei band girls are idiots.

um....Hora updated....*andi'mgladbutgrrrrrrrrrrstill*

Oops. I just fixed the link to the Gothic Lolita thing (>_<)
Now I really do explain the format of this site (Gothic Lolita related)

I went to the local Japanese store today and found that they had these really cute Whinnie the Pooh gachagacha's for a dollar.
So I bought one ^^ ...and got the only one I didn't want.
The optimum gachagacha would have been Eore (sp) dressed up as piglet, but instead I ended up with Tigger dressed as Pooh.
Either way you look at it I can still take Tigger out of his Pooh costume though, which makes me giggle,
and thus makes the entire experience a very pleasant one to have had regardless.

I explain the format of this site (Gothic Lolita related)

I receive pretty harsh criticism for this site sometimes in my guestbook.
After 5 years, I'm used to it and usually just laugh it off.
Besides, I don't much care anymore...but sometimes it brings up good points.
So I copied this particular one (which was left public, and thus for my use) and responded.

Schwarz Stein gallery added.

I take no credit for finding these pictures though.
That would be Lejun, a tall, big, scary blonde guy and original SS fanpagemaster.
I bet he can buy clothes in the USA....I can't sometimes; I'm too small ;_;


Hora Updated~ Kocha talk ^^ (and check the main page for Okita Souji's a B-Cup sample)

I wonder if anyone does even remember "Little Nemo"...
*I call Finding Nemo by the same name, but it's entirely different*
Little Nemo itself is a comic about a century old, and one of the few graphic novels I've had interest in,
the other one being, of course, "The Sandman." I also liked X-men though, and comics and stuff.

I was thinking about male/female differences and wrote a story on meatballs
I don't quite get what's been going on recently. So I wrote about it.
I think I got someone upset though O_o I also doubt it has anything to do with me really. Ah well.

Yesterday I decided to get a new quilt because it's been chilly,
and so I went to the department store and looked around.
I meant to be serious, I really did. But then I found a Little Nemo quilt and thought, "...okay",
and was just about to bring it to the check out when I realized that was unacceptable.
So I didn't. And now I've caught a cold.

About Visual Kei and how it is seen in Japan
This is an answer to a question I received, and answered to the best of my ability.
Be forwarned that I've more or less outgrown visual kei though, so it's not painted rosey pink~
I mean, I suppose I've been holding on to vis kei by a couple of threads,
but one was really just accidentially sewn to my pants leg,
while the other has come unraveled and won't be bothered to mend itself,
and I'm wont of reason to pluck the needle back up from the pincushion and sew it back in so...

I'M SO COLD!!!!!
But I can't take a shower because my mother won't get ready for bed,
and so I can't use the shower.
When I grow up, I'm living alone. With my shower.
And I've been sitting here growling for the past 10 minutes and my brother says
I sound just like an angry cat but I don't care because I'm COLD.
...that was my update.
Those of you who inhibit other's shower usage, stop doing that and a pox on you.


There's a new Velvet Eden Interview
Thank you for 10,000 visits/main page views since......April?
Yesh. April perhaps.
I just randomly re-found this interview in my magazine today and decided to celebrate ^^

Hora koushin~
And I talked to my friend and made him laugh,
and so he's going to make another video for me it seems XD
I can't say much, but we both had the same idea.

Other than that, I've been wondering what the Japanese have against loan companies O_o
They seem to bother them a lot.

I've been feeling political...
Recently I've been thinking of coloring my hair...silver, maybe.
But I've realized something rather interesting. Before, I'd always thought that men and women
really aren't that different. But I think they really are.
And I wonder if it's possible for a man to ever really understand a woman (their brains are different, you know)...
Soft Ballet translation, for those who didn't want to read my entry (though you should)

Translated Soft Ballet's "Twist of Love"!! (interpretations welcome)
Last week I had to take my car in for repair,
and while I was waiting I decided to walk to the only place within miles that had any signs of civilization;
the convenience store ;_; And maybe I want to move to the city...

At first it looked like any old convenience store, but then, hidden away in the back, I found....
A My Pet Monster video tape! And!!!!!....it was only $1...for no reason. It's good. Really.
So I bought it (and Starstreet, also $1), and brought them home in a great flurry of excitement and popped them in the VCR.
When I did that, my brother and father were both like, "Argh! What is that!?! Turn it off!!!!!"
...and thus have I been entertaining myself with the knowlege that I can cause sheer human pain and suffering with nothing but my strange media tastes.
I think I'll try broadening my range and attack them with my My Little Ponies too. Like "neeeeaaaargh *pttthbth*"

Really though, I don't know about the rest of the world, but it's been extremely cold where I live this week.
Take care of yourselves, mkay? (And make sure you get enough iron...I'm still not anemic (*_*) )

I added my old Soft Ballet karaoke for kicks
A few days ago I received the surprise of my life when I googled "Soft Ballet"
and found that my Symbiont Solitude site was #2....
And so I thought long and hard what I might do to thank....I have no idea.

Who in the world even reads my Soft Ballet site? XD

Anyway, I eventually decided the best thing I could do...
Was upload sucky karaoke.
Those who were wondering what they'd sound like if Ryouichi were a girl, please click the link.

Got Prominence (Hora's new Album!)
It's good. More on that later. But for the time being, just a discography. Now I ramble....

So I was thinking about love and all that, and if I would ever really want to be with somebody
(I've not even had my first kiss~!).

And part of me is like "YES! Then I wouldn't be alone!"
And then part of me is like "ugh. Human. Get a life. Are you that weak?"
And then part of me is like "No no no. Human's okay. But no one's ever going to love you you weird, ugly, crazy pudgemuffin."
And then part of me is like "Besides, what's the point? You'd just be afraid of them anyway."
And then part of me is like "Right. So if you ever did love somebody you should just mope about it and enjoy the pain."
And then a part of me's like "Yeah! That would be AWESOME!"
...and I have to go jump around the house...
But then a part of me says, "wait. Would you really want to hurt somebody?"
And then a part of me's like "Winter's coming. You're going to be so cold, just like that year....and it's not just anemia! I'm not too thin!!!!"

And then I sit there and cry a little bit. And then I go jump around the house again and have some high-iron seaweed.
And don't get life. So those who do, be happy...this was all because my Dad got transfered to London.
That means I'll be all alone this winter....

Hora Update!
And a story about the weirdness that is my mother.
It's an awesome weirdness.
*references FF and DQ*

Just a diary entry about being a geezer
They should have a class of fonts to download to web pages, like they do in Java for programs.
But they don't -_- grrrrr

I was going to start learning flash, but if AXML is going to make it obsolete there's no point.

Hora took too long to update about [Prominence]
So I wrote one of the songs for him.
It only took me 4 minutes, so I figure he should be done with his CD now too.

It's called "Ode to XXXXX" (he wishes to remain anonimous),
and was made entirely from clips of my friend's voice
as he made fun of people. Please enjoy.

Updated Kaya page with new Interview and info.
Just how long does it take Abercrombie to sell out, a week?!?
I really wanted that sweater....

And "The 4400" is really good!
It's written by one of the ladies who wrote for Star Trek ...
for all the trekkie lolis out there...heh...trekkie loli. That's not a style.

Oops! Here's the real link to my diary entry!
It's gotten cold recently, hasn't it? Today I woke up and I could smell fall in the air...
Unfortunately this means I'll start wishing I had a significant other (more?) I suppose.
Oh grundlemuck.
Other than that, I have a new job. It's only temp, but it's still a job that pays well and has wonderful people,
and for that I'm happy. My co-workers say I look like an angel...
...and then a waif and try to get me to eat things. Like Ovaltine and hamburgers (laughs)
(who in the world still drinks ovaltine?! This isn't A Christmas Carol!)
That too is grundlemuck.

Oh, but one more thing! Recently people who have been reading the site for quite some time
have been signing the guestbook and writing me emails.
As always I don't reply, but needless to say I'm extremely happy ^^

Hora Update
It basically says that "The World" is sold out.
Then it says something random. And then I do,
and say I have the last copy left for sale on earth.

Hora Update (=koushin)
It seems that people have written to him about purchasing his first 2 CD's.
It also seems that he's decided to put up any remaining copies he has for sale as a result,
so if you missed out before, now is definitely a good time to rectify that.
I'll be doing the translation to "Seraph" when I get the chance, but now that I'm house sitting
for my first mother I have a real bed to sleep on (I usually use the floor...just cause).
Thus am I going to go to sleep now, and actually doing it for more than 2 hours this time.
Those of you who have nothing to do because I have not done anything glorious to entertain you (kidding~!)
please go check out Asada Hiroyuki. You won't be disappointed!
You could also listen for the part in "Smashing the Sun" where it sounds like he says "more than coconuts".

Oh, yes, and....[HI.MI.TSU. desu~ (^_~)]

I did some thinking about my 08.24 update.
This is my eventual conclusion...and a short story I made in the spirit of it all.
It's kind of silly, but that's how these things really ought to be treated. Loathing is illogical by nature.

...but aside from that, a word to the readers.
I'm not the type of person to respond to personal emails unless asked a question, really.
It's just not something I do. BUT that doesn't mean I don't read what you write!
So many times people say they were to shy to write until now, or apologize for writing,
thank me for reading what they've written and....

Oh self conscious people who write me emails! ......Pbbbbthhh! (>_<)
Of course I read them all! (laughs) In fact, if I have time, I often check your websites out too.
And of course there's no need to feel shy around me! (I'm terribly shy myself)
I can't promise I'll ever reply to anybody, but I can promise I'll read everything you write
and treat it and you with respect. Please don't be afraid to (politely) critisize the site either.
*and one more thing: I love hearing that people've gotten into Schwarz Stein through my site. Thank you!!!!*

Please read this
It would mean a lot to me.
Thank you.

Mimori Yusa's "Boku no Mori" lyrics
I dunno. I found myself drawn to Mimori today.
There's this one boy at work who understands how I think, and we had a pretty serious conversation...
I think I'll write something up about it soon. It was on minorities.

Hora update kansei~
Kaya CD info and sub-page renewal
I made some time somehow ^^
The Velvet Eden site should now be back to its glority as well.
And I wrote a slight, but important, note at the top of the gothic lolita intro and style guides page.
I honestly, really don't care if I'm lolita or not, in case it wasn't obvious (laughs)
I just do what I please, and THAT is me. So please don't misunderstand.

...I've been thinking of updating the Soft Ballet page recently, actually...I miss them.
Moriken solo's interesting too, for those who utilize youtube.

Hora updated!...I'm really sorry, but I really honestly truly just can't update for a couple of days or so.
I'm too busy to do much of anything these days..
But! When I do have time, and I do update, it will be an UBERLY GOOD UPDATE (perhaps)

Other than that, it appears the lyrics to [........] have been replaced with E-typ lyrics accidentally.. I'll fix that too.

And people have been asking about [Kaleidoscope].
It sold out the first week it was released, and your only hope of finding it is probably yahooauction.co.jp
However, Kaya's second single, [Masquerade] is available for pre-order as we speak.
Go to rose.cage.to and follow the link, or order from CDJapan. I'll update the Kaya page too.

And I will play Earthbound too.

But now I have to sleep. Somehow I've managed to stay awake by sucking on katsup packets while driving (I know, I know, eeeeeewwww)...but I don't think I can do that again tomorrow. So goodnight yoz~

Hora Update~
And promise of a better one to come "sometime mid-week"...he sounds chipper and kinda gooey..
Other than that....

Jemi's Blam Honey site is finally avaible for public viewing!!!!
It's a long story, but she was procrastinationg ^^ (...maybe not all that long then...)
Btwn, Ryonai's now doing Supperate System: www.suppurate.net/
The jewelery he makes is popular in the Japanese gothic scene, for those interested in fashion.
Aside from being an artist, he's also an even-more-than-expected nice person, so please check it out.

Well, first of all, it was Kaya's birthday the 17th. He's also releasing his second single with Kalm on 9.6!
I'm still trying to write a happy birthday letter, but all I have right now
is a part where I do a favor for someone I know...
and tell him she was drunk when she wrote him last time and is sorry. Which isn't much, really, hm.

Gothic and Lolita research 1: 2ch gothic and lolita talk
Gothic and Lolita research 2: A gothic and lolita timeline *Rococco*
Malice Mizer's "Tsuioku no Kakera" (for you, my dear~~)
I can't translate for free anymore as much as...people might hope for.
And although I wish I could say that I would like to translate more for everybody for free...I wouldn't (;_;)
It's been 6 years and I've gotten nothing for it, and I can't find a job now, and the whole experience
has made me just a little bitter towards the world. BUT!!!!!! Those who have written me to thank me...

Thank you with all my heart. Your letters always make me smile.
I hope you understand just how wonderful you are
and how much power you have to affect others.
A kind word is never forgotten...

I will not stop translating gothic and lolita (and of course I will stick with Hora and Kaya until I die~*lol*)
but this site will see a small decrease in updates for certain.
And I will start taking translation comissions. More on that later....

Other than that, if you wanted to know just a little about my personal history, trauma, and experiences in Japan,
I wrote out an explaination of my involvement with Mimori Yusa on the sub-site for her.
Anyhow, Saitou-kun says this is too long and boring and I should go die in Super Mario World, so that's all for now.
...he's me though (no, not multiple personalities (>_<))

Some people may be having a hard time seeing the site.
The site owner recently had to switch site providers, as our old one could not provide adequate service...
email responses...tech support...if you are having problems, please try deleting your temporary files.
That aside though....

With 1 minute to spare, Happy 16th Boya~!
It was going to be his Sweet 16th, but unfortunately he decided he "isn't a girl" and we just had to go for "16th" in the end...
I think I'll buy him some clearance 20% off Sears homey basketball shorts (even though he doesn't play sports, or move really)
As for the picture, that's what we did when he came to visit last week ^_^
I know this sounds silly, but don't ever forget your family...when I was 10I resented his existance,
and so I started calling him "boya" so he wouldn't have a name...
But now I'm really glad he's here.

Hora Update and CD FOR PRE-ORDER NOW
So go...send him mail if you like hamburgers....
I also updated the not so important information on the front page

The site index is now, indeed, an index!!!
As opposed to the useless mess it was before, due to the fact that I hadn't updated it since it's creation 4 years ago,
all the while adding on the the site and making new sections, developing new focuses and goals, etc.
So from now on, please use that for navigation. The part explaining the site has not been written yet,
but I shall have it done in a couple more days, and the Malice Mizer section also underwent a link revision.
Kayasolo onsite section
After much deliberation, I decided that the site would work best with a section for Kaya's solo works.
Not only is this a good way to make Kalm more prominent in the site (he was a bit overshadowed by Dada...),
but there are some rather striking coincidences (similarities) between this web site and Kaya's recent works, ideologies.
Obviously they're completely different things. But at the same time, it's like a flip side of the same coin feeling I suppose.
Still, as always, for Kaya's diary entries and ect, please go to Hime's fansite *Kaya (external)*

...my FTP server was down for a while, so I couldn't update sooner but....and~
Mimori Yusa fansite started
I just got Photoshop yesterday (I've been making everything in paint until now...you may see the difference)
Anyway, I decided to try making something more professional looking and adult, and so I translated some lyrics, made the backgrounds (in photoshop!!!), layout, etc, and put everything together into the basic framework.
It took about 5 hours to do so I do hope you'll like it, though I am quite aware no one knows who Mimori Yusa is.
Kotori reminds everyone of Kaya's "Corroded Cage"; Kaya fans might want to read it...and there's a song sample in "Kuro."
We have the government checking the site every once in a while, so I'm not hosting it. Still, if you don't hear, how can you like her?

....oh who am I kidding!? I'm just doing this because I don't have a job yet ;_;
But once I do, I'll probably update a whole lot less and be a whole lot happier~is that a good thing? *laughs*

Kaleidoscope Romanizations, etc
I'm sorry it took so long to update.
I'll have a gothic and lolita timeline up soon...I've been really busy though, confused....
You know how it goes, maybe.
(I also still need a job; I found a great one, but they seem to want more experience than I have)

Malice Mizer Song Updates: Gardenia, Garnet, and I finally finished Illuminati
Over the past couple of week I received two...well...put simply,
two absolutely amazing emails thanking me for doing the Malice Mizer song translations (laughs)
I wanted to thank the people who sent them for their encoragement as well, and after thinking about it for a couple of seconds,
I soon realized that the best way to do that was by translating more perhaps...(even though I said I'd not anymore)
If you're reading this right now, then I'm sure you know who you are. Thank you (;_;)

Hora update! There will be another CD
More basketball and etc, some good news, Kocha....his family sounds a bit like mine, strangely.

An explaination of the Velvet Eden lyrics
Dada wrote it. Yes, it does mean that the songs now make some sense, for which we must be wOotiful.

A comic on good management skills that even non-managers will appreciate I've been told
It's not a lot, but the main character (me) is wearing gothic lolita clothing I randomly made up for the occasion.
Other than that, I've been going through something pretty difficult lately (part of it is the fault of amniotic fluid and wada ben...oh! not that I'm pregnant or anything >_<)...and not updating much. Sorry

A personal diary entry on pets, my own love issues, and some bad poetry in Japanese (it's kinda personal)
It's long, but I added pictures and tried to make it interesting. Oh, and I just graduated.
If anyone knows of any positions in global communications, marketing, publishing, television, radio, consulting, product research or...*shudder*.....finance, accounting, or economics *preferably in Japan*.....

.... please let me know. Actually, I can, have already probably done, and will do just about anything but politics and law so....probably nothing medical, as I've not had the training (laughs) Plus, although I know it makes sense, I'm not becoming an English teacher as a main profession. That will always be a side thing for me.
In orther news, this is my impression of Kaleidoscope, in picture form
I'll update my personal page with my new drawings and fanarts soon

Hora diary entry translation up and talk of new CD
My friend said he was talking to me on the phone (he so coerced me into it....) and when he mentioned him my voice completely changed. Well, whatever that means....
this is one of those bad things, isn't it (bitter laugh)
Visual Kei Readings
Two of them are good and one of them is silly. Still, it gives you an idea of what the visual kei bandgirl world is like.
And we edited out the static from Kaya's radio debut of Kaleidoscope with MSN and Soundforge (>_<)...msn....
Major kudos to Ngeh for figuring out it could be used for that by accident. They must have some built in filter....

A Diary Entry on Japanese and foreign bandgirls called......
Kayaswife, Circk, and the Ominous 'Specting' Deathwish on my Person
Now as anyone who's read this site before knows, I truly respect Kaya and Hora, and do everything I possibly can to support them. I even read the manga Kaya suggested because it looked interesting and translated some of it for you~ that means that when I get messages from bangyaru telling me to die for insulting one of them....


Let this be a warning to thee; if you do something rediculous or rude that truly bothers me, I will make you a research subject and broadcast you as a bad example to the world~

And Kaya appeared on radio with his first solo single debut! It was beautiful and gothic and techno and yo-check.

Shoujo Jigoku Novel translation (pages 1-15) - gothic lolita and gothic recommended reading
This is a novel I decided to translate because it would look impressive. What? I'm being honest~(laughs)
Nah, that's not the only reason. There's a surprising lack of Japanese fiction that has been translated, and I feel that it's somewhat of a shame to have foreigners only interested in manga and anime. Not that there's anything wrong with anime,
but I do sometimes feel that people have a tendency to see Japan well...simplistically. It's more than simple pop culture fun.
That and I got a sugar rush off of taro flavored things (I love taro) and ran around so much I got sick....
...and thus had to do something quiet. I'd been meaning to translate a novel for some time now anyway.

Schwarz Stein and all other Related Bands History Page
Includes basic info and a completely survey of their projects from the beginning until the present.

Last of the E-typ songs translated over at Dadaland
Prei and Lady Meister are new.

Soft Ballet lyrics and romanji up (Escape-Rebuild, Engaging Universe)
Does anyone even care? (laughs) Soft Ballet's pretty niche it seems....
Well, as for them, I also added some pretty silly comments to everything, as I suppose is my trademark in a sense...
.... which is probably bad but can't be helped. I've been getting into Soft Ballet pretty heavily recently. Their lyrics are extremely warm and fuzzy, and I do highly recommend them, especially if you like Schwarz Stein and Velvet Eden and Horasolo.
Today, for the first time in 4 years, I remembered the password to my guestbook account and logged in...
and realized that people can leave private comments!!!
In fact, more than 1/2 of the comments were private and I had no idea they were there (;_;)

If you asked me a question, or offered to help, said something personal and were hoping I might change something on the site or write back, anything whatsoever, I'm sorry.
I'll try my best to make the site better, add sections, and email everyone back eventually (if you'll still talk to me)
I'm graduating tomorrow though, and so until I find a job things may be a little befuddled with the site *vanilla-drop*
That and I'm a natural hikikomori who's kind of bad at human interractions so (and you're an anthropologist why, you ask? *laughs* Researching people is different from talking with them...kinda like fanservice is completely different from...)
...well, at any rate, please have patience with me. And please believe me when I say I truly am sorry.

Hora updated his diary and so I have accordingly updated the Horasaito. Now this time was his cat's birthday and he included a rare picture in the update! So even if you have no idea who Hora is, if you like cats, please read the translation and go to his diary and then worship him according to the laws of the universe. OTZ. For worshipping Hora is necessary for the scheme of the universal working, even if signing my BITZ with a swear is not. And if you like my silly photoshopped pictures for some reason, you may want to go there too....
Horasolo diary entry 05.20.06

...and thank you for the email ^_^ It made me really happy to hear that...

A lot of updates, huh? *laughs* I'm sorry. These are all things I meant to get around to doing but forgot about, didn't have the time to do, etc....plus I found out there are some other anthropologists out there studying gothic and lolita and....and I was here first. So I wanna get everything I know out now.
translations and explainations on visual kei culture
new links in research section
these were translated from the website of a very intelligent visual kei fan. They're a bit outdated, but I've still heard a bunch of the terms while at lives in Japan so....I owe a lot to this girl. Look for more translations of her stuff soon enough. And here's a picture I did of Kaya in MSPaint....because I haven't bought a drawing pad yet. I will though. For now it's just cute ^^ I did it because I don't feel comfortable taking band's pictures without their permission, and I figure tacit permission to translate their diaries is more than enough for now.
Kaya picture

I can't believe I have to even say this but...
If you do sign the Bitz thing on the gothic and lolita or SS random page, for heavens sake don't sign it with a swear. Not only is it about the most un-original thing you can do, but the only person who will ever see it is me and I will simply laugh at you. And then if you ever visit the site again it will forever say "welcome &$*#-san", which is probably suitable enough if you're in the habit of signing things with swears, but rather unnecessary in the scheme of the universal workings.

*lol* my brother doesn't like washing his hair, and so I was teasing him about it and he finally did...turns out it's cause he gets a phro...... ... . . .

I now have an "answers to reader's questions" page (upper left). I don't get a lot of questions because I never get any emails (laughs), but I'll do my best to find the answers to the ones I am asked.
translation to Isola's "kajutsu no tsumi"
translation to Isola's "cruel"
on the Schwarz Stein page.
and a new diary entry in the gothic and lolita section
As always, thank you for signing the guest book! And just randomly, since we had discovered Hora's CD smelled like mushrooms last time, and Kaya's did too this time...I have decided that is just the way new CD's in Japan are, and not them. Kinda fungusy.
And fine, car *laughs*

So from now on the site will have one big update page. It's a step I was kind of wary to make, but I think it's important. Like, I know Hora doesn't mention his connection with vis kei or Velvet Eden (everyone knows anyway), lolita and bandgirl have issues with one another...there are a lot of problems with relating some of these things. But somehow I think they're not all that unrelated and it's okay to blend them now. Besides, this is my site, and I am me, and as such it is also unavoidably an expression of me....in a sense. And I like SS and VE and lolita and Minna no Uta and drag queens and electronic music and making and writing silly things no one understands and I can't help if it steps on toes. And it's annoying changing multiple update pages. And therefore...
New diary entry..about a Japanese lolita I met and angst and please read anyway

I'm sorry, I'll write useful things eventually. But this explains briefly why lolita is so compatible with Japanese culture.

New diary entry....about how I ended up cross dressing...
I'm very much aware of how strange my diary entries might seem, but they're also leading up to something. Some of them are recognition of certain events or people (?)...but they're also getting at what my reseach of lolita and Japan has lead me to believe. It'll all become more clear in the future, if you have the patience to wait it out. This site's like a Shonen Jump manga or something. Weekly installments, only without the cool pictures.

Two new articles in the Ideology Research section
One is an ad hock paper on gothic/lolita and Aum Shinrikyou (if you are Japanese, I apologize for the touchy subject matter)
The second one is a what may be a skathing but oh so accurate disassembling of the widely read Morbid Outlook article.

So I realized I do still have a lot I could put up in the Schwarz Stein page after all, and did some of it
All of the lyrics for "Another Cell" are done and I have an interview I'll get done eventually (thanks to Rin). Other than that, I looked in the Randoms section and realized it was all about Kaya mostly. And so I added some Hora stuff...plus it was a good way to express my neverending adoration for Soft Ballet >_>
And I'm thinking of doing a Soft Ballet fansite called "Symbiont Solitude"
I'm really proud of the background *lol*....I always have fun with the backgrounds though so...if interested, please look.
They're one of my favorite bands, along with Mimori Yusa. Oh, and I might start a manga soon, so those at all interested, please wait for it. And lastly, everyone who's signed the guestbook so far, thank you! ^_^
I was thinking of starting a forum or something but I don't know...

I wrote a diary entry out about music, dreams, and an interpretation of Hora and Kaya's "The World" and "Another Cell"
This naturally does not represent an offical reading of the CD though so (laughs) take what you want from it...

Just because it it was a major update, I've gotten the Schwarz Stein site up and running more or less.
The site's more or less finished. For those of you who want more, I don't really have anything else I can put up so... I will update when somone gives me something or I have a revelation of some importance that I feel is suitable to share with you. And of course, I'm always accepting contributions yo'z.

I wrote a diary entry on children and my experience as a lolita in Japan, with children.
And I don't just write these to talk AT people...if you have any ideas or critizues about what I write at all, it's still
If you write something interesting I'll put it up too, if you so desire.
And my friend and I are making a CD, maybe. This is the cover.

I took the liberty of explaining the origins of the term "kodona" and why I will not use it
Oh yes, and there is a show called "Gothic Lolita" airing.....it's bad though. Really dumb and her chest is rather too...prominent.
I liked "Heaven a Go Go!" better because it was amusing and had silly Malice Mizer references.

Another diary entry. This one is about a type of song I think lolita would like, links, translations, etc.
And even if you're not lolita, they're awesome. My friend likes Manson and Punk and even he thinks they're cute.

Expect a rather large update in a month or so....as in a 50+ page dissertation on Gothic and Lolita.
But for now, I wrote out a rather personal entry about my experiences as a lolita in Disney World. Please read...

I wrote a short response to my thoughts on lolita and people who make fun of the style. Please read it before you decide you don't care what I have to say. If you don't find it interesting, then I don't mind if you don't read any of the other ones I write. But just try it out first please.

bio of myself...no, no, I know no one's interested *laughs* But it's there, if you're wondering whether or not to trust me, etc
And a new layout.
Fushigi No Kuni no Alice
translation up in the VE lyrics. It's my birthday today.

translation and personal refutation of Chapter 32 of "Soreinu"
translation and interpretation of Chapter 22 of Takemoto Novala's "Soreinu"

translation and in-depth interpretation of Chapter 1 of Takemoto Novala's "Soreinu"

A response to the Morbid Outlook Article on Gothic Lolitas Part 1

translated "Utsukushisa wa Tsumi,"
This is a Velvet Eden song, which is actually the ending theme to [Pataliro!]...and then I thought about translating [Fushigi no Kuni no Alice] and did not....gomen. It's the most AWESOME song ever though.

Added a Schwarz Stein page..
it doesn't look like much either because it's not done, but check the lyrics pages! Yo-check desu!...desu....

added something about me on the VE main page
like an about me thing that tells you nothing about me in Japanese~I suggest babelfish *lol*

VE downloads section
Dada's old band, E-typ samples. Ueda liked Steve Richt ^^
There's also something where I chew you out.
For being weird about Velvet Eden. And a Dada fanart...kinda...not.
Actually, that's the guy from Mizonokuchi, who just reminded me of Hora for some reason. Like, the hair and everything else I guess.

Happy New Year and I added 4 pictures to the VE gallery
and 2 new Observances...as usual, they are useless (or are they? *hyuck hyuck*)

Old Updates: Links not Working anymore.

06/30/04 - Cali Gari's Ningyou no Ie up. Aaaand...a rough translation of the Velvet Eden TV interview from Shinjidark's site! Yay.

07/04/04 - Cali Gari's Kusatta Sakana up.

06/30/04 - I've recently realized that what I translate and say affects how people think of bands, especially since there are a bunch of new Jrock fans who don't know a lot about some of them. So I translated Cali Gari's Mama ga Boku o Sutete Papa ga Boku o Okashita Hi. And remember, Velvet Eden started off in the Cali Gari Basement Event.

06/28/04 - Tentative translation of Cali Gari's Oyasumi Nasai. I've been trying to figure out just what's up with them. I mean, demented babies are okay; I like demented babies. But then some of their other songs...are...improper, a little. And they're all really hard concept-wise. So I'm gonna try doing everything and see if I can't get at least ONE song straight on.

06/10/04 - Translation and romanization of Kozi's Grottesca. Flowers kinda typed up the Japanese so it'll probably be on scape and I didn't feel right putting it up here...that's where I got the original lyrics for my translation.

06/07/04 - A few quick announcements. First, Jrock Weekly News is not "The Jrock Weekly News." It is "The Jrock Weekly News Occasionally." Secondly, I have an important message here. Please understand.

05/03/04 - Sooo busy! I'll update jrwn again soon but for now I just added this because it's short; a really odd Japanese vocab list and some fanart in the lolita identification guide. But is it really a fanart, I wonder?

05/07/04 - Jrock Weekly News update. Article by flowers of night *it's GOOD*

05/03/04 - New article up on JRWN. Not the most interesting, but it's just filler for what's going to happen in the next article I think. Oh, and I know NOTHING about any bands that aren't featured here so if you'd like to see an article you'll have to submit ^^ I'm really sorry...

04/29/04 - Jrock Weekly News up. Looking for some good journalists and stuff, so email me if you're interested. Unfortunately I only know about Malice Mizer, Schwarz Stein, and Velvet Eden : (

04/27/04 - I updated something.

04/15/04 - I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but I do occasionally update the Observances section of the Velvet Eden page. Like now. I just did that. I'm also thinking of redoing the website and making it into 5 or so separate sites since it doesn't seem to be so much about Malice Mizer anymore. I will also have a Rolly interview up as soon as it gets warm, cause Rolly is meant to be translated when it's warm out ^^ Oh yeah, and answered a few questions about Japanese lolitas.

04/02/04 - I'm quickly losing interest in Mana and Gackt...you can tell, and it is sad. Romanization and Japanese for Honey Vanity up.

03/29/04 - Uck uck uck. Finaid. But the long, grueling process has produced something of great beauty: my child, the Noseycarrotpanman. He's not unborn or gay, but he will still do nicely. He will stand guard with his 2 eyes over the new Velvet Eden fanart section. 2 isn't 1000, but they're enough because he can't close his eyes or he'd burn off his eyelids, so don't even bother trying to put him to sleep and steal stuff.

03/26/04 - I couldn't help myself; I wrote a dumb story about Moi Dix Mois's formation here.

03/20/04 - translated [...............] by Velvet Eden. It would be worth it to check it out I think...but I've gotten 20 hours of sleep in the last 8 days so that's all for now. Got some gorgeous fanart coming up though, and a wallpaper if I ever figure out how to get it up on the site...

03/11/04 - *cries* I translated DOOMED LOVE ALL WRONG! But I caught myself and fixed it...here.

03/10/04 - Doujinshi uploaded to the long forgotten doujinshi page! And...I've created a mascot! Cause every page needs a mascot. Now I just need a scanner and possibly some bodygaurds. Some lovely fanarts to come soon too (and finally NOT mine)

01/21/04 - I had a dream yesterday that everyone thought I was dorky. It happened in Dream Castle *tanoshii toki...* but none of us were ponies. I need not say what I thought of that. I've comemmorated my castle dream by translating Velvet Eden's Kumo no Sujo; it's a very different type of castle *fufufu* but not all that different really.

02/07/03 - A new picture of Dada in the Velvet Eden gallery.

02/03/04 - I thought it over, and from now on the site will be quite different.

02/01/04 - It sucks when the only way to get new information about your favorite bands is to translate it yourself -_- Really, really sucks....But you know what sucks even worse? Waiting for me to translate stuff, cause sometimes I don't put it up even though I have ^^.No malice, just laziosity.

Well, I took a short break from Vis Kei and added a pretty detailed outline of the different lolita types in the Gothic Lolita section. Enjoy ^^ Most of you've been getting it all wrong, if you think you're anything like Japanese lolita I mean. But then I hope you knew that.

01/21/04 - Before I rant, I translated Velvet Eden's Tsuppari Visual Rock n Roll and Silk (special request from a real sweetie). Ranting now.

Serena, beer, sunglasses, mummies?!? That IDIOT. ... k, nuf of that. It's okay, it's all okay. Cause I have lettuce...

01/26/04 - It's been decided; Gothic & Lolita Bible it is then. I'll do an article a week...someweeks. And then on other I...won't.

01/24/04 - AHEM!!!!! Alright. Here's how it works. I can translate either

1) an interview with Dada, Ao, Onan, and Yasu
2) an interview with Cali Gari ala Shuuji #2
3) some articles from the Gothic & Lolita Bible
4) the remaining Velvet Eden songs (they will be very different from Kurai's translations, perhaps I will write some so you can sing along in english)
5) a Malice Interview, but only if someone has a specific one they want done
6) Kagrra songs
7) Schwarz Stein lyrics or interviews, if someone provides me with scans

Email me to tell me which one you want. If no one emails me I will do NOTHING. I will sit on my fat butt and draw pictures of Dada as a cow. To email me, use Bejente*at*hotmail.com.

Oh yeah, and Khaos is done.

01/21/04 - Just a quicky. I actually heard Promenade, so I romanized it, typed up the Japanese lyrics, and FIXED MY TRANSLATION (just a few minor things, but it's a lot nicer a little more accurate now). I also learned how to spell Promenade. Woot ^^ And I uploaded two of the characters from my comic book to the fanart page. The comic book will come later.

01/20/04 - Finished the lyrics to Kinema. Gonna finish Khaos too soon, but my heart's just not into it. I was thinking I should become Kozi, just so we'd have lovely carnival music forever and ever. Then I realized I could only do so visually, not musically. Everything I write ends up electronica...only it's not electronic. It uses pianos and violins, and might be kind of cool I guess except I WANNA WRITE CARNIVAL MUSIC INSTEAD. *fu~n~* lol. For my first song I wrote something with the same chorus as "Dead Man's Child", and that was before I'd even heard of Velvet Eden. So that's the kind of stuff I do.

01/09/04 - Perhaps I should change my web page name to "Obsessions are bad" and put little dinosaur Manas and melonpans all over it, and then delete everything but the section where I compare Margaret (that's how his name's spelled) to a My Little Pony, and then write a long rambling thing about how Dada shouldn't make dolls. I found out on some messageboard that he DOES make them, of jrockers nonetheless! *cries*...yes, I should do all that. But it's not like I did or anything. In fact, I typed up the newgrave interview for someone and did something or other to the Velvet Eden section of the web page.

In other news, the guy on JrockNYC said a hurtful thing about My Little Ponies. He's a meaniehead.

01/01/04 - So I was sitting in the living room and my brother came along, said "key," and then threw my house key on my butt. I burst out laughing, cause it reminded me of Velvet Eden. Now Dada interview. Enjoy ^^ ...oh yeah, and, um, the site's not Dadaland; it's "Obsessions Never Die" cause, well...Dadaland?... -_-

12/12/03 - I have discovered something today. We have liquor, but I didn't know until now cause we moved and I found it...oh yeah, um, friends, I moved. Anyway, I also found out I can hold me alcohol ^^ I have this thing for amaretto, so I kind of had a shot or two today on an empty stomach. I weigh about 46 kg, but I didn't get drunk at all! Caffeine makes me high though. Well, it was exciting. Translated Velvet Eden's Operaza no Kaijin...so can't I please hear the tape now? *cries*

11/08/03 - I was thinking about where the Mizers would be 30 years from now...

11/27/03 - New pics in the Velvet Eden Gallery, more pictures of Dada in a futon and as a Delashocker (no connection to Kamen Rider *lol*). If thee be interested in Art Marju Duchain, you'd best be lookin' at them too. And happiness and rainbows and flowers, because we all be friends. I'm having a hard time reconciling the pony with the pirate part of me...perhaps I'll just stick with the pony, and go learn to climb ropes and fence. Yes.

11/24/03 - I got a new obsession. No update, just a comemmoration of the occasion. And for those of you who wonder what it's like to talk to me on aim and such...(F = me, J = daddy)

J: Because you want a turkey I'll make a turkey on Thanksgiving to eat around 3:30 PM when mom comes home from work. Will this make you happy?
F: !!!! I JUST got back!
J: I know
F: Na~a~a~rg!
F: I wanna be a pirate!
F: AND a my little pony
J: You missed "talk like a pirate day" about a month ago
F: oh yeah, well that doesn't matter.
F: from now on, I call people "poppet"
J: I'm daddy poppet?
F: no, you're not. well, I call WOMEN poppet
F: you can be scurvey dad
F: ...don't worry. I won't do that on green friday though
J: Good!
J: Did you get my turkey message?
F: Hee hee ^^ "Hi! Have shopping bags, scurvey dogs!"
F: *bwahahahaha!*
F: oh yeah, the turkey thing. thank you ^^ I'll help make it for sure
J: Good. It will be the smallest turkey I can find.
F: k, that works
F: I am happy
J: What made you start thinking about pirates?
F: I saw pirates of the carribean again
F: Jack is very cool. And he has eyeliner
J: Great movie.
J: I might pick you up on Wed about 8 or 9 PM.
F: K. That be nice
J: I want to stay longer at the store and organize the games. or I won't find them fast enough on black Friday.
F: ...okay, that be nice
F: I need time to do some homework anyways. gotta do homework now too though
F: sooo....baibee
J: Baibee. Naaaargh.
F: yeah!
F : I love you scurvey dad
J: Me too you bucket of bat wings.
F: ?
F: are you a witch?
F: or just a weirdo?
J: Best I could come up with.
J: : I'm not an experienced pirate you know.
F : yeah. I SEE
F: : P
J: baibee again
F: yeah, baibee ^^

And that's why no one talks to me anymore besides Scurvey Dad, I suppose. I got about 2/3 the way through a Dada interview, and that'll be up soon.
If you want more translations, go to http://newvoguechild.kichigai.info/nvc-new.html and click on the translations. I did Kaya's diary.

11/14/03 - Damn...*whistles softly* I didn't know it'd been that long since my last good update. Niisantachi, yurushite kure yo ~ ne? ^_~ Really though, it was probably worth it because...I've done a mad update on the Velvet Eden Gallery!!! Go check it out; I'll have even more as soon as I go back home again. I kind of forgot to scan in a page. And to those who have emailed me, and I haven't emailed you, I'm SO sorry. I know I depend on people too much...

Well, anyhow, it was Halloween last Friday and for some reason no one's mentioned it. But I had a great time. First I went trick or treating, kind of, but everyone was slow so my new friend Super Lolita (*lol* pictures to come) and I tried to find Pumpkin Babies. Or any type of weird looking baby in a costume I guess. Then Ari used some random dye she had on my hair and I had to leave for Rocky before I saw what it looked like.
Only thing was I had to get there late, since I know almost the entire cast and the host, and they know I'm a virgin, and that means I would have been hazed. I hate group hazing; it's so impersonal.
When I did get there absolutely no one recognized me but Nadia, who was like, "ah hahaha! You look like Mana! Hahahaha!" Aparently it's a sort of consensus that I look like him/am trying to look like him/it's fun to tease me about trying to look like him. I hate it. It's MY HEAD. At any rate I immediately became the post-show attraction (along with a proposed trip to IHOP -_- )

And now I shower. Later I'll put up the none so flattering picture I did of Mana, just cause I was mad at him.

10/14/03 - Update! I translated the theme song to Anpanman!...*what*...I'm having a hard time with Dada's column. He's talking about weird things again.

10/05/03 - To anyone who actually cares about this site, I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long. But I've been having some troubles. I keep staring at my hand it's so cool. I'm also in a really good mood cause Nadia got me a My Little Pony shirt! I don't remember the name of the pony on it, but when I was about 6 I had a dream that the other ponies beheaded it, and then they tied ropes through the sides of its head and paraded it down the streets...

09/14/03 - Yoi yoi yoi! I did it! I translated something! It's a rediculously funny dialogue transcript between Dada and someone artsy named Tomo, who designed the photos that accompany it. I'll get the scans in a bit. I also tripped and scraped off the outer layer of my skin on about 1/4 the back of my hand. You would not believe what you look like under there...but I won't take a picture of that cause it's not entirely pleasant. Instead I'll simply think of people as giant onions from now on and go do my homework.

09/05/03 - To anyone who actually cares about this site, I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long. But I've been having some troubles. I mean I'm bleeding pink blood right now and all I have to eat is a really creepy can of anko (bean paste) and I'm HUNGRY!!! *sniffle* But things should be better in about 2 weeks. By then I'll have everything scanned and might have started a Jrock comic book based on The Velvet. All I need is a scanner and some time ^^

08/09/03 - Back from Japan *bawls* I just can't take it. But I think I went too far this time... ... ...'a run in with a cabinet' *snort* Anyway, I've translated Velvet Eden's "Kumoonna" and Cali Gari's " Hakkyou Channel". I'll be adding a lot of pictures to the VE gallery and starting a new one for Cali Gari et all soon. And translating Mana's journal and writing up some stuff about Japan, melonpan, and lolitas. Oh yeah, lotsa interviews too ^^ Chotto matte ne?

07/10/03 - Translated Velvet Eden's "Arachnophobia," "Energishu Hansamu," and "Fan Letaa Kurenai." I was also surprised to find that my site had climbed to the top of the google search pages. I have no idea what happened.

06/21/03 - Oh yeah! Dude, doki doki desu yo~ I've got some translations of Velvet Eden's "Paraph" and " Kanashimi no Bara Shouzoku." You have no idea. I was ready to stalk Dada for them, for goodness sake. Now I can just quietly live out my life in peace or kill myself soon or something (after I do the rest of the translations of course). I also got mad and wrote something about Kami's death.

06/16/03 - Translated "Shi no Butou" and a bunch of Scanch stuff. Thank you to Julia for the scans!

05/15/03 - Translations and scans of Mihara Mitsukazu's "Cut the Angel with a Scythe" manga. I also found out, maybe, something about Gackt, added some pictures to the Malice gallery, and put up my paper on gothic lolitas. It's kinda academic and written the day before it's due though so you might not want to read it. And...there are, oddly enough, usually 29 leaves on the average brussel sprout. And I think this site's being monitored by the government *oooh, spooky*...and other people >_< And I'm done now. Go read my boring paper.

05/04/03 - I added a few Velvet Eden pictures from Newgrave magazine (how much you wanna bet the race car thing's a DR2000 reference ^^) and a new Scanch section! I also added a fanart of Amouthia from "The Last Unicorn" that I did for Jenn's birthday, in pencil and watercolor.

04/20/03 - I'm back! This time it's nothing major, just a translation of Malice Mizer's "Claire ~ tsuki no shirabe ~" and "Premier Amour." I also, being me, went online and found half a dozen or so melon pan recipes and translated them all. Normally I would have written a musing, but as I already stated, I am dead. So suffice to say that Jenn and I found you can write secret messages on banana peels with highlighters because it takes 5 min. or so for the oxidation process to kick in enough to see them. We were excited, and I drew a face on one and the three of us had a nice little tea party together (minus the tea).

03/30/03 - I romanized some Scanch! Who are they, you ask? They're good. Email me for more info. Also realized some more things about the Mizers and put them in my revelations.

03/24/03 - Today I translated an interview where Dada acted as the interviewer, and found out that Rolly was the lead singer for Scanch. I also died.

03/21/03 - Happy Birthday me! Although this isn't really my birthday; I just decided I liked today better than my normal one, so I'm saying it is on everything but applications from now on. I finished more of the Malice Mizer Q&A, put up something about Dada in the *new* Velvet Eden Interview section, and added translations to Kagrra's "Yume Izuru Chi" and "Kotodama", and Cali Gari's "Maguro". I was going to put up some Plastic Tree translations, but now will not for mysterious reasons. I also changed something else. Can you find it?

03/08/03 - I added...um...I'm not sure what it is, exactly. But it's here.

02/14/03 - Wrote a musing about my saggy butt pants.

02/06/03 - Meant to do more translations, ended up writing a musing instead. I have, like, 6 half finished interviews now with Mana and Mihara, the Psychos, Dada-ish...ness, Yuuki, Kozi, and someone else, and I'm trying soo hard to finish one. Just one...i haven't yet though. Sorry.

01/30/03 - Put some pictures in the Malice Mizer gallery the Velvet Eden gallery section and changed the layout around. They're actually of Dada before he joined Velvet Eden but, well...he is Velvet Eden, all things considering. Added a musing for good measure too.Was gonna add an interview-ish thing with him but am going to go cry over the loss of my reality instead. Turns out I'm still a stupid American after all...

01/24/03 - Added a musing...why do people read them I wonder...

01/21/03 - Added a translation and romanization of Syndrome's "Uzuku Nodo." It's soo creepy...and a couple fanart/art.

01/19/03 - I actually went and found out what the date was today...see, I love you all. However, not enough to stop me from making this page annoying colors. I've updated my explaination of Merveilles to include Illuminati and a small but detailed explaination of the references Gackt makes in it, along with Brise, Agean, and Au Revoir.

01/16/03 - finally finished up the interview with Vivid; it's really cute. Added translation, lyrics, romanization of Excalibur by Psycho le Cemu, and a nifty little apology for hating them unreasonably, and the translation and romanization of Syndrome's "Sad Mask." Wrote another entry under musings and finished the Gothic & Lolita Go World translation.

01/14/03 - added a fanart, of sorts. Still pondering "Illuminati."

01/09/03 - well, this page is pretty new for starters. I finally realized I should have one. Added lyrics, romanization, and translations of Velvet Eden's "Suteneko," "Karesusuki," "Doomed Love," "Girl Fiend," and the intro from "Street of Alice." And then I had to change the Velvet Eden intro page around a bit to accomodate them and translate the original "karesusuki" sung by Sakura and Ichiro, which can be found as a link from the similarly titled V.E. song. Added a new translation of an interview with Mana and an entry under my musings. Also wrote up a partual explaination of Merveilles instead of the self-conscious rambling I had before, but had to stop at Illuminati in order to read up on Nimrod.