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Kodona is a Foreign Lolita Term


Kodona is not a Japanese lolita fashion. In fact, not everybody has even heard the word. It comes from combining child + adult (kodomo + otona) to make a term that means both child and adult at the same time. With that said, where did it come from?

In the Gothic and Lolita Bible 1, they used Plastic Tree's Ryuutarou as a model, and one of the words used to describe his overall atmosphere was "kodona"....because it's Ryuutarou, and because that's how Ryuutarou always is. It wasn't just the fashion style, but Ryuutarou as well. Sometimes I have seen the things Shisen wears being described as "kodona"...but he doesn't even know it's considered a fashion, and he doesn't even name his fashions.

Yet I keep being told I'm missing "kodona" from my guide of Japanese lolita terms. So to clear it up once and for all I did some research. I went on a Japanese message board and asked the people about it (question and answers translated from original Japanese)


870 (ME): A few days ago I heard the term "kodona" is a lolita fashion for the first time. What kind of style is it and what brands sell it? To me it seems more like it should be an aura or atmosphere than a fashion...

871: It's the first time I've heard it. Is it "child + adult"?

872: Is that really lolita fashion? I've never heard it either. It has a willful image I guess, but it seems like it would be something used among the Emily Temple Cute, etc crowd or something....

873: First time I've heard it...it sounds kinda off somehow, not pleasant....

874: It seems kodona is a term coined by parents with children over middle school age for when the children are at the point of puberty and kinda off somehow, in between being an adult and a child. What a pathetic style that would be…(;´?`) Well, for now, there's no connection so let's end this. Fin.
But I have a feeling 872's Narumiya girls would agree with this *lol*

875: I remembered the Narumiya girls.At first it was said by people related to apareru, but now it seems Shirley's been stamped with it. People who like it, don't give up~


Afterwards I looked up kodona on google, in hiragana and katakana, I got many results. When I did it coupled with terms such as "gosurori" and "lolita" (all in Japanese) though, I got about 10 to 20 hits each. So the two words are not sufficiency correlated.
However, when I looked up "gothic lolita" and "shrub" I got 215 hits. That means a shrub is about 1100% more related to lolita than kodona is. And a shrub is not a type of lolita, nor a lolita a type of shrub. So until you show me a picture of a Japanese lolita shopping in Harajuku with her shubbery, I am afraid I cannot add "kodona" to the term list.

It is, however, part of the foreign gothic and lolita terminology, and may have a slight connection to the bandgirl scene, so you it at your discression please.