Gothic and Lolita 2ch thread 11.04.05-11.06.05


This is the kind of discussion Japanese lolita BBS's have. No one has an identity, and unless they enter a name (usually, they don't), they are referred to as "nobrandsan." There's a lot of fluff (especially in the beginning), but then it gets more interesting. From 11/04/05-11/06/, 2 days. They write a lot. And this is Japan...believe it or not, the visual kei threads can be just as bad.

1. Let’s talk about Lolita fashion. To do so, we must put an end to the use of masculine speech, and research as much as possible into questions yourself before asking here.

2. New thread! Let’s have fun and try to get along with each other!

3. A collection of questions:
Q: Do Lolita have to have bangs?
A: Please, wear your hair as you please.
Q: Is a pink/longsocks style Lolita with black hair alright?
A: Well, we’re Japanese so…
Q: Do you get angry when people think of you as a cosplayer?
A: Yes, we certainly do. But even though we say that, the media still broadcasts us that way and writes about us as cosplayers, and will probably continue to do so.
Q: What do you think of bodyline?
A: If you compare it to how it was before, I think it’s gotten a lot better, but nothing but the winter clothing has lining. The winter line is pretty cold still. You might be looked upon severely, but if you like it, I think you should wear it. At the present conditions you will be sneered at by the other loli, but naturally to ones who are in the wrong here are the people who are laughing.

4. Continuation:
Q: What do you think of matching Lolita clothing with Uniqlo?
A: Recently they came out with a Victorian style blouse, and so if it doesn’t look particularly strange, it could be alright I suppose.
Q: Is it natural to wear a jumperskirt without a shirt?
A: It depends on the design.
Q: Alice and Little Red Riding Hood clothing is….?
A: Now there are a lot of people who wear it as Lolita, but basically I do feel it’s not going to change from being “cosplay”, and so it really depends on your personal impressions.
Q: But she’s fat….That lady looks kind of old….
A: I don’t know. If you’re fat, please lose weight. If you feel you’re old, don’t wear it anymore. But also, if there are fat people dressing as Lolita, there are also 40 year olds wearing Lolita.

5. Continuation:
Q: About the lace….
Torchon (beggar’s) lace – if you wash it in the machine it’s NO GO, but even if you send it to the cleaners it’ll get a little damaged…
Sen Lace – Washing machine OK, if you iron it afterwards
Russel Lace – Washing machine OK, no ironing OK
Chemical Lace – Washing Machine OK, no ironing OK
Q: How about those with detachable sleeves?
A: If you compare them to those with non-detachable sleeves, some are unclean. Basically, the interior part has buttons.
Q: I want to become Lolita, but what’s necessary?
A: Blouse, jumperskirt, headdress (or a hairband), drawers, petticoat, shoes, socks, books on Lolita style make-up, etc. The Antena brand shoes are relatively inexpensive, and you can make do with a panie and drawers you’ve made by yourself relatively easily. There are even shoes being sold for $10 that are cute. But you shouldn’t be wearing ordinary loafers.

6. I suggest these sights. Beginners, males, one timers, people who don’t understand the jargon, those who haven’t read them yet, please feel free to check them.

7. Thank you and good job!
8-16. #1, you are magnificent!

17. This convo sucks so far

18. I wonder if I should reserve the Innocent World (Inowa) hooded cape? I’ve been a goth/punk for a few years now, but when it turns to winter I kind of ended up wanting to wear the filly, lacey loli styles~(*´?`) But I’m a little hesitant to order it just from seeing it on the homepage, and so I’m thinking of waiting until it’s on sale and going to the store to see the real thing, but if I don’t reserve it, it might run out…It’s the long one with the lace on the cape for reservation on the HP.

19. Try talking in the previous thread, fatso.

20. Finally, someone to make fun of!!

21. #18, I think it depends on the color too. Last year, I was going to reserve the white one with ribbons (I don’t remember which month), but it was sold out on reserve, and I just happened to catch sight of it at the store front, but if you’re worried maybe you should try at least enquiring into it?

22. #21, first off, sage idiot. Age’s not showing proper respect.

23. I personally got baby’s Teddy Bear Gobelin JSK

24. #22, shut up

25. #21, they’re being reserved and sold out according to color! I think black’s the nicest, but I wonder…ah! It was the Baroque Mantle. I thought the Baroque Coat’s good, but the high laced boots are a delicate matter…I’ll try asking about the stockpile today too.

26. There are strange storms visiting us, hm…

27. Like, “don’t touch me.” There’s all going through though.

28. *useless babbling*

29. *useless babbling*

30. (21) I inadvertently forgot to sage. I’m reflecting on it now. But for the time being let those things pass…

31. #28,29, you’ve got a lot of free time, haven’t you…

32. There’s a coat that could be like a Baby princessSK for $150 at a second hand shop. Should I get it?

33. When in doubt, try divination with flower petals

34. I dunno…but it’s passable.

35. #33-34, Got it with a “gee I dunno”…the sale incentive was BANBANBAN!

36. Isn’t it a persimmon kind?

37. Congrats. Enjoy your purchase.

38. #35, congrats. Wear it well. It’s not really all that important though.
#36, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I was like abebe no be.

39. #35 ch *lol* If it’s Oozu, then maybe that’s me *lol*

40. It was a mystery, or more like it’s interesting if you hear something from a region and look into it.

41. $150…how nice…question. Is a cape or mantle better in the winter?

42. I wrote “Abebe no be” before, but in my region it’s seemingly indecisive. As god says, Abebe no be is a gunfire’s banbanban, or an ambulance’s banbanban, fire engine, patrol car…the pattern continues. It’s a stretch though.

43. “What should I do? Do as the gods do say, buttokoite, buttokoite, bububu Persimmon types, a bonus’s bonus’s train goes poppo pooo and whe change our mind”
That’s what I was thinking.

44. I was “What ought I to do? As the undersided god does say Kinkonkankon Aphid cry, let’s beat the drums dondon”

45. Where I’m from the steam train part is for when kids get in the bath and won’t you talk about fashion now?

46. Does anyone consult manga character’s costumes? A while ago my friend said “I wanna wear clothes like Kameno-chan” and people were like “Isn’t that cosplay?!” and she was laughed at.

47. Manga? I don’t really read it, since I hate it. You all bought your coats? Reserved them?? Where’d you get them from?...I thought I’d ask some questions as a test.

48. Thanks.

49. *more talk about the previous rhyme*

50. If it’s fashion manga like Mihara Mitsukazu, then I think it’s it’s okay to consult them, but if it’s Moe anime or wanting to be like a character, I think that’s cosplay.

51. The pigs do talk long. I am a bastardly troll (this person keeps posting garbage: name, Nezumiland)

52. I don’t read anything but A-min and Fukada for manga. I bought a coat about a year ago, but I matched it with a baby cape and wear those for the winter.

53. #46, if it’s Kameno-chan, I don’t think it’s really gonna be seen as a cosplay. If it’s the haloween one it might be bordering cosplay though. When I saw Hakuei from the photo video time, I thought there was something strange though

54. #47 Mine’s not loli brand, but it’s Aline and white, and I think it’s pretty cute. The front neckline has fur, and it looks like angora. I got it at the Chiba Rotte Championship sale for 10% off at around $180. Maybe it's a normal older sister, JJ type brand, but there was another Aline for the same price with a button part had a 3 layer demountable ribbon, and I was pretty undecided. The colors were pink, white, light blue, beige, but I think white’s the easiest to match with Lolita things.
#46 Kusumoto Maki’s world would be forgiven in Lolita I think. If it’s a late night anime of a girly character, it’s cosplay! I myself would forgive Mihara Mitsukazu and Yukika Ori, but nothing cheap. Actually, maybe Yukika’s out…

55. Nezu insults something

56. Retaliation

57. Kisamoto Maki and Mitsukazu draw realistic kinds of clothes, after all (especially Kisamoto Maki, who has something to do with fashion books). I have a feelin gif you want to wear those kinds of clothes you should go to Ko-di.
Kameno-chan’s clothes are the long ago Lolita fashion I feel, and comparatively many people know her, and so if you wear them, it’s going to have an image that’s easy to pass around and understand that you like those kinds of clothes.

58. I always saw Kameno’s name as Wakame

59. insult

60. Bloodthirsty much?

61. Not at all! Just don’t read those kind of responses if you think so. But I’m still wondering where to get a coat and if there’s a good one, or if they’re all okay then I might want to compare with someone in the same situation.

62. It can’t be helped that there are Lolita characters in modern girl’s manga I suppose…there’re a lot from casual wear to niche fashion after all…It’s the authors. I know I’m saying something useless, and I apologize.

63. Don’t give it to them.

64. I hate Yazawa and Mitsukazu. And I hate consulting manga coordinations in itself. It’s not a consultation…am I the only one who finds fun in coming up with her own coordinations?

65. Well, if everyone did that there’s nothing to say that their sense would be good and it would be limited. I don’t intentionally use manga characters as a consultation but…you know…?

66. If you’ve got bad sense, wear Uniqlo.

67. #66, if they wear Uniqlo when they have bad fashion sense, it’ll get even worse.

68. #67 We’re through with other base cohesion (sweatdrop)

69. I saw some bodyline Lolita clothes at the purikura cosplay corner in the department store

70. Well, it is “cosplay-like’ after all. Like sailor suits and stuff.

71. There’s nurse and cheerleader too. The Lolita cosplay clothes there are a lot of bodyline and Visible.

72. #71 Like the princess sleeve and overly lacey types, hm.

73. I wanna get a coat quick, but if I think about payday, it’ll have to wait…*grr*.

74. Sorry to bring this up again, but I can fogive Yuuki Kaori manga too.

75. ttp:// they say this’s gothic Lolita. This is more like adult, generally? 76. I’d like me payday too…*grr*

77. “Eros” is written there but…what’s up with that I wonder?

78. This year the end of year arrival goods are coming to an end. This year’s been really quick. With the new year’ll be spring fashions, and I don’t really know what to get anymore.

79. Is Baby still famous? I saw Shimotsuma Monogatari and wanted to wear it too.

80. Sage next time! If it’s not popular, people won’t be wearing it.

81. You decided to become a Lolita from Shimotsuma? Then I suggest Bodyline! It’s cheaper than Baby after all!! After that, if you make a site and post your own pictures wearing it, I’ll be happy!!

82. I wonder if they still sell coats in December…?

83. Why wouldn't they? There were ones remaining for the sale, like an end of the year to get rid of all the acceptable coats from the last year. But the popular ones sell out quick, so be careful.

84: Isn;t there anyplace that still makes those violin shaped bags they were making a number of years ago? I've come to want one now #&$^#$@ Can anyone who knows anything please inform this idiot?

85. Looks like Baby's coming out with them.

86. I wonder if an amaloli can change over to a Mana-like gothic one?

87. If you're good at what you like doing, do it, they say. If you like it, there's nothing you shouldn't do I think.

88. #84 Hint: Tokyo Fransuko

89. #87, I really like what you said
90. insult

91. #79 I also recommend Bodyline! And if you're not cute, make a site please.

92. #81 Yeah, bodyline's good!! And I definitely wanna see #79's lolita cuteness! Haha

93.#79 I say bodyline too *lol* It's cheap, lacey, and horribly cute *lol* Please, become a cute little lolita. And then post lotsa pics *lol*

94. This is #79. Forgive me. I didn't know about sage. And my phone doesn't show some things very well, so I'm sorry if it's hard to read this. I always wore Diamante, and so I wrote I wanted to wear Baby clothing. It's just Kansai though, so I wonder if there's a store...

95. #94 You can buy Bodyline anywhere.

96. #94 Baby's no good! Rather than that, you should get all us lolita's beloved brand, "Bodyline" highly recommended. It's more fluffy than baby, and there are a lot of different styles! It's really cute!! I think they have stuff like that in Donquiote too, so go there quick and check it out!

97. Bodyline...

98. The world's come to and end.

99. #79 I do believe I've been deceived *cries*

100. You're personalities all kind of suck, hm....

101. This is 79. They are, aren't they...all they'll do is lie to me...I would have been happy if you had just told me in a nice way...are all lolitas like this? *cries*

102. Yeah. I can't believe they went that far, even if it hadn't been bullying still...

103. At any rate, #79, I think Baby's normally popular. And if you can afford Diamante, you can probably afford it too. But don't just imitate Shimotsuma; try out your own coordinations, and become a wonderful lolita, okay?

104. *not important*

105. If you can't even understand how to sage, don't post.

106. Well, responding seriously, Bodyline's cosplay oriented. There are cute things, but then the fabric's dubious or something like that. I think you'll be able to tell just by looking at them. As for living in Kansai, if you're near Oosaka the shops are pretty much gathered in Shinsaibashi, so I think it'd be helpful to go there and search around. There's a bodyline store there for sure, and it might be best for you to take a look for yourself. There's also a Baby direct sales store, and it's a different image than if you're just ordering things mail order I guess.

107. #79, if you type in "sage" in the email spot, the thread will stay down, so try to do that.

108. Yeah, cause sage's sage after all.

109. But for myself, what should I do if my impression of loli is bad!...

110. Covered it up...(laughs)

111. You can sage on a keitai too. Not reading into the atmosphere is annoying though. That's why instead of getting all riled up you should just let it pass (laughs) Is the number of people going from Diamante to Loli high these days? There's a Diamante thread and the purchasing level's put up on this level too. But it's strange you don't hear of people who wear Efudi, Resse, Buragura buying. I think it'd be fine for those kind of people as well.

112. age

113. I like private level and lolita. But of course I don't mix them up.

114. Yeah, loli are no good! But we don't whine. There's nothing we can teach a Shimotsuma girl, so go home.

115. It's #79. Thank you for your advice. Diamante's designs are becoming more lolita nowadays, and so I think the switchover might be kind of large. Ogura Yuuko wear that and Milk on tv now too.

116. Sorry I forgot to sage...

117. I think it was my fault I lost my temper; I'm sorry...(cries) The Shimotsuma lolita will leave...Thank you to those who actually helped me.

118. Age'd again

119. #115 Loli is a fashion that forgives rejects. I wonder how it is if we rank down vulgar lolita more than Diamante? There are a lot of messed up people into loli.

120. For someone who can't sage, is there kindness or anything?

121. Diamante's got dresses for $600, right?

122. Their personalities suck, so their faces suck too! And even though they're truly disgustingly ugly, they wear these kind of clothes; it's gross.

123. #122 Don't age! *swears* Well then, you're beautiful I suppose?

124. A cutie! I was number one in the crowd! So what? Gonna go against me?

125. Let's leave that well alone. #79, anyhow, if you use *cries* and *stars* and that people'll jump at you quickly, so be careful. It's not just this thread though.

126. With stormy experiences you shalf grow strong.

127. Loli is okay, but try to keep the infantility to the clothing only, okay! Loli are childish in the head too I feel.

128. #79 was tsuri. Perfect.

129. Loli really are sick, so can't you cut it out for real...?

130. sorry.

131. Die for ageing. And check this out.

132. #85 thank you. I saw the white one in a magazine. I'm looking forward to when they go on sale.
#88, does that mean you're familiar with Fransuko? Thank you, I'll check into it. I'll get that bag at all costs!

133. Gaultier?

134. Only through much anger will you come to know kindness.

135. Sorry, yeah...

136. *profanities*

137. Shimotsuma~...Going back to school lolita~

138. Waiting for something to pick on?

139. So this is a fashion that only people who're strange in the head or messed up do then?

140. That's something that can be said to brass knuckle ,black people, musicians, DQN guys too.

141. Anyway, ignore people who don't sage.

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